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    Order now for $149 per annum (payable in advance) for a cyber directory listing with your firm's vital contact information: name, address, phone, fax, e-mail address, and a link to your home page.

  • E-mail Aliases at are also available for an additional fee of $5.00 per month (payable annually in advance), we will give you an e-mail alias at Lawyers OnLine. It will read Your e-mail, when received by our site, will automatically be forwarded to the e-mail address provided to you by your Internet service provider. This feature is quite important should you ever change your Internet service provider, which necessitates changing your primary e-mail address. Since your e-mail address with us will never change, your e-mail will always be forwarded to your primary e-mail address, no matter who your Internet service provider becomes. You will never have to tell your clients that you have a new e-mail address, and you will save by not having to reprint business cards and stationery.

How important is e-mail and what can it do for me?

E-mail (electronic mail) is the newest and most efficient form of office communication. With the click of a button, you can send e-mail to your colleagues, associates and clients. You can also attach a document saved in any word processing or software application (i.e., Microsoft Word or WordPerfect). Most importantly, it is the only way your clients and colleagues may reach you over the Internet.

I want to do business on the Internet. How do I start?

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